22 Jan 2018

22nd January 2018 No snow like no snow.

Monday 22nd 32F, 0C, breezy, heavy overcast with sticky snow falling. Took a brisk, 40 minute walk along the lanes while dodging traffic spray. Snow thinning to smaller flakes now. Only about half an inch of snow lying. Though the roads were clear and wet after salting. It snowed for most of the day but didn't gain much depth. No ride today.

Tuesday 23rd 34F, 1C, heavy overcast, light winds. Half an inch of wet snow should soon succumb to the promised rain.

Five geese went low overhead as I walked down the drive.  Minutes later two large herons appeared flying low along the road. They veered off and disappeared behind trees but one came back soon afterwards. Later still, one was sitting hunched up on a field near the road. Saw a large, dead rat with no obvious sign of injury. Becoming windy and misty as the day drags on.

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